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Clinical Sarcomas are rare, and usually affect children and young adults. Although these cancers can be among the most lethal, because they affect so few people annually, they have not been a priority for major research grants.


In the course of Michael's treatment for Synovial Sarcoma, his family met and connected with doctors and institutions that have been quietly working to search for treatments and cures for this group of Sarcomas, which includes Synovial, Osteo, Ewings, and Rhabdomyo.

The Michael LaViola Foundation exists specifically to raise money to make the work of these dedicated researchers possible. For more information about their clinical trials and studies, visit the Web site of The National Cancer Institute, Pediatric Oncology Branch, Bethesda Maryland.

Dr. Melinda Merchant is the Staff Clinician and Head of the Clinical Sarcoma Program.

Clinical Sarcomas

The Cancer Research Funding Gap

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