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"Never, never,
never give up

Michael F. LaViola

6.28.1987 - 2.2.2008

This site serves as a testament to Michael’s inspiring strength and hope while battling Synovial Sarcoma — as well as a platform to raise awareness and fund research to fight all Pediatric Sarcomas.

Bridging the
cancer research
funding gap.

The foundation exists to raise the money

necessary to research treatments for rare
and often lethal Pediatric Sarcomas.

“Over the past years, I have seen more reasons to be hopeful about the possibility of effective treatment for Synovial Sarcoma. Your foundation has helped us to continue moving forward toward this goal.”

Investing in a
hopeful future.

In memory of Michael, two $2,500

scholarships have been established

to be awarded to two Northern

Valley Old Tappan High School

senior graduates planning to

pursue a higher education.


“What set Michael apart from the rest was his 'never give up' mentality.”

strong together.

The annual Varsity House Strongman

Challenge is on! All proceeds are donated

directly to the Michael LaViola Foundation.


“We took the negative aspect that Mike went through and turned it around to a positive to help other people.

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